BBrain Family G2

Stay in contact with video calling

nummer 1 in kalenderklokken

#1 brand in the field of calendar clocks

More than 10.000 customers preceded you

Dementie klok: getest door specialisten en gebruikers

Development in cooperation with professionals and users

Nurses, caregivers and users

In contact with your loved ones

Always in contact with your loved ones

Remotely controllable calendar-clocks

BBrain Family Calendar-clock: always close to your loved ones

Remotely controllable calendar-clocks

BBrain Family calendar-clocks are remotely controllable calendar-clocks, developed specifically with the elderly in mind, even if dementia becomes an added challenge. Using this smart technology, you will always be near your loved ones, albeit not physically. Connect to your loved ones effortlessly via video-conversations on a daily basis, or make use of the many other invaluable features such as a clear day- and time visualization, reminders for appointments, for medicine taking, and prompts for incoming pictures and messages. Operating the BBrain calendar-clock is extremely simple and intuitive for both the user and administrator. The needs of the user determine how the clock will be set

BBrain D2

BBrain Family G2

Interactive: Don’t miss a moment

  • Icoon uitspreken
    Receive messages, pictures and calendar items.
  • Icoon foto's
    Receive photos from family and friends
  • afspraken icoon
    Interact with the clock
  • berichten icoon
    Receive messages and calendar items
  • Beedlbellen icoon
    Video calling
  • Omzetten naar een ander thema icoon
    Can be changed easily to the serene D2

BBrain Family D2

Serene: Offers structure

  • Icoon geen interactie met BBrain
    No interactive clock
  • Icoon uitspreken
    Reads out loud the time, time of day and date
  • Icoon rust
    Completely focussed on tranquillity and structure.
  • Icoon extra groot lettertype
    Extra-large analogue clock and font
  • Icoon dementie
    Suitable for people with dementia

Use the BBrain app to send messages and calendar items to the BBrain clock.

The background of the BBrain-clock can change with the time of day. Does this invoke too much stimulus; easily switch to D2, which is stimulus-free.

The display-view of a BBrain is simple and clear, this assures more structure and a better planning.

A BBrain Family-clock displays time digitally or analogue depending on your wish. The clock also shows the date, day of the week and the time of day.

BBrain Family calendar clocks do not only offer safety and structure, they also provide connectedness and enjoyment.

Through video calling you can have real contact when a daily visit is not possible.

BBrain in images

What makes the BBrain unique?

With a BBrain Family Calendar clock, you can remotely help your loved ones, such as your father or mother. You can involve him or her in your daily live. An ideal solution if it is not possible to be physically present. Via these smart and interactive calendar clocks you can make video calls, send messages and pictures, manage appointments in the agenda and send reminders about things such as medicine intake or dinnertimes. This way you can provide structure, attention and fun, even though you might not always be physically present.

Beveiliging icoon

A closed system

The BBrain Calendar clock has a safe, closed system, so the device remains stable and clear
sprach function

Distinct Speech Functionality

The clock features a speech functionality for the time, agenda points and messages.
BBrain een klok tailor made

Tailor made settings

If certain features are no longer required, you can easily switch these off.
BBrain voor slechtzienden

Function for the visually impaired

In the design of the Calendar clock, we have taken into consideration those who suffer from visual impairment.

Always up to date

Software updates appear regularly to safeguard the performance of the clock. T

Send pictures, meetings and messages
from the clock at any time and
from any place.

BBrain Dashboard & App

With the BBrain app, you easily manage the BBrain Family calendar and dementia clocks. Via the app you control functionalities such as video calling, calendar-settings and maintenance, the sending of messages and pictures and the setting of alarms and reminders. You can install the app to your desktop pc, but also on your phone or tablet. You can connect as many administrators as you want.

  • Easy installation on your computer, tablet and phone
  • Connect an unlimited number of administrators
  • Incredibly user-friendly
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
BBrain Dashboard & App