“Hoi grandmother,
It’s us…”

BBrain’s calendar clocks

Always close to your loved ones

Calendar clocks are smart tools for elderly people to help them with their time awareness and support them so they can live independently at home for a little longer. For example, an alarm can be set on the calendar clock for when it is time to get up, take an afternoon nap, and go to bed. In addition to that, BBrain’s family calendar clocks also make it possible to easily get in touch with your loved ones, where and whenever you want.

BBrain offers two types of calendar clocks for seniors: the BBrain Family calendar clock G2 and the Basic Digital calendar clock. Below you can find a list with the reasons why a calendar clock indispensable in your life, the differences between the calendar clocks, and which calendar clock suits your situation best.

BBrain Family G2 calendar clock

  • Interaction with the clock possible
  • Receive messages, photos, and appointments
  • Remotely controllable with the app
  • Video calling
  • Can be switched to D2 (dementia theme)
Basic EN

BBrain Basic Digital calendar clock


  • No interactive clock
  • Completely focussed on peace and structure
  • Extra-large clock and font size
  • Includes a theme for the visually impaired

Why should you choose a calendar clock?

Ondersteuning bij afgenomen tijdsbesef

A BBrain calendar clock supports elderly people when their time awareness starts to decrease. The time, date, and daypart are displayed on the 10-inch screen, so it becomes clear at one glance what time it is, which day it is, and which part of the day it is. The BBrain Family G2 can, if desired, read the time and daypart out loud every hour or when the touchscreen of the virtual clock is touched.

BBrain voor slechtzienden

The date and time can be read clearly because of the extra-large display of the numbers and letters on the 10-inch screen. Especially for the elderly with a visual impairment, there is a visual impaired theme that can be easily switched on or off. Once activated, the letters and numbers will be displayed in yellow on a black background for a maximum contrast.

Icoon dementie

A calendar clock is a great tool for seniors with (beginning) memory problems. For example, you can set alarms for when it is time to get up, take an afternoon nap, or go to bed. Should you find it useful to also be able to set alarms for medication intake, the user’s birthday, Christmas, and New Year, the Basic Digital Dementia clock is more suitable for your situation. With the Family G2 calendar clock you’re entirely free to set such reminders yourself. With the Basic Digital calendar clock these alarms are pre-set, but you can determine the time for the alarms yourself.

Het vergroten van de zelfredzaamheid

A calendar clock increases the self-reliance of the user. The support with time awareness and the alarms ensure that the user becomes more self-reliant again. In addition to this, their self-reliance is further increased with the Family G2 calendar clock, with which the family or caregivers can give support from a distance more easily, which results in the elderly being able to independently live at home for longer.

Dagelijkse planning en structuur

Calendar clocks also contribute to the creation of structure and overview. The continuous displays of time, date, and daypart provide an overview for the elderly. The Family G2 also displays the calendar which provides a clear overview of the planning of the day. The alarms that go off at the same time every day create structure and support.

Contact en verbinding

Finally, the BBrain Family G2 calendar clock is the perfect tool to involve your (grand) parents more in your life, and to reduce loneliness. With this calendar clock you can support them from a distance by scheduling appointments, sending messages and photos, and making video calls. The app offers the possibility to get in touch where you want, whenever you want.

To use the Family G2 you need a subscription. There are various subscriptions that you can cancel monthly.

What distinguishes BBrain from other calendar clocks?

BBrain distinguishes itself from other calendar clocks and brands because the BBrain calendar and dementia clocks are made from the field. Specialists, nursing staff, users, and caregivers have all put their heads together to create a practical tool for the elderly. By incorporating the input of different areas in the development of the software and hardware, we were able to create a high-quality product that meets the needs of both the direct consumer (the user) and the surrounding people of the direct consumer (caregivers and nurses).

In addition to this, we will always continue to develop and improve our products, and we take feedback from our users seriously, because together we can create a good product that meets your needs as much as possible.

In addition to being suitable for consumers, BBrain is also suitable for remote care.

Tested by specialistst

The differences between the BBrain Family G2 calendar clock and the Basic Digital calendar clock

Basic Digital calendar clockFamily G2 calendar clock
10-inch display
Remotely controllable
Theme for the visually impaired
Extra-large font size possible
Automatic conversion to summer and winter time
Video calling possible
Send messages, photos, and reminders with the app
Analogue display possible
Digital display possible
Setting alarms possible
Possibility to convert to D2 (dementia) mode
Price59,-199,- (ex. subscription)

Which calendar clock suits me?

Which calendar clock is the most suitable for your situation is personal to everyone. Are you looking for a calendar clock because your (grand) parents can no longer see the time on a regular clock? And do they prefer to set an alarm for getting up, an afternoon nap, and for going to bed? Then the Basic Digital calendar clock is a good choice for them.

Are you looking for a calendar clock that is also remotely controllable and brings you closer to your (grand) parents through video calling and sending messages and photos? Then the BBrain Family G2 is the better choice. We can also convert this calendar clock to the passive variant, the BBrain Family D2. This is possible at any given time.

Are you looking for a dementia clock that gives off fewer stimuli than the BBrain Family G2? Take a look at our dementia clocks page.