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Using the newest technologies is often difficult for most seniors. The BBrain Calendar and Dementia clocks are developed especially for seniors and because of this they are easy to use. However, we can imagine that still enough questions can arise. That is why we have listed the most frequently asked questions below for you.

Set up

Did the email with the license code not arrive in your inbox? Check your Junk inbox. It is possible that the email ended up there.

Is the email with the license code also not in your Junk inbox? Contact our customer service by phone on 088 0080 130 or send an email to [email protected].

It is usually the result of restoring the clock to factory settings if the clock indicates that the license code is invalid. Because of this, we recommend not restoring the device without having contacted our customer service beforehand.

Using the link below, you can download the detailed instruction manual and, if necessary, print it.


🔗 Download instruction manual – PDF

The clock user is the person for whom the clock is intended, the person who needs to be able to read the messages etc. There can be only 1 clock user.

The clock administrator is the person who can send messages to the clock. There can be multiple clock administrators.

There are a couple of settings that can be changed on the BBrain. On the side of the BBrain there is an unlock button (sound button). When you press this button and simultaneously tap the clock on the screen twice you will reach the settings menu. In this menu you can change the following settings on the BBrain:

Clock display:

  • It is possible to change the way the clock is displayed. You can choose if you want to see an analogue or a digital clock. It is standard that the time is displayed in both a digital and an analogue way when the clock is delivered.
  • The theme of the clock can be changed. You can choose between the Standard theme, the Dementia theme (black with white letters), or the Visually impaired (high contrast) theme (blue background, time and clock are black with yellow letters/numbers)


  • The brightness
  • Time of the night mode (the clock won’t turn black when the brightness is lowered, but the display will be less bright).

Sound (date, time, and language)

  • Volume, the volume of the sound
  • Rate of speech, the tempo at which messages are spoken out loud
  • Silent mode. When this is turned on the clock won’t make a sound between the set times.

Other settings:

  • Wi-Fi settings

Video with overview of all BBrain settings

In this video all settings of the BBrain are explained:

When new updates are available, these will remotely be installed on the clock. When the clock is connected to the Wi-Fi, it will automatically retrieve the new software, and the clock will start updating. If the clock doesn’t start updating there is another way to check if there are updates. On the side of your BBrain there is an unlock button (sound button). If you press this and simultaneously tap the clock on the screen twice, you will reach the settings menu. On the left you can click on the option “other settings”. In the “other settings” menu, beneath the “update device”, you can click the button that says “check for updates”. The BBrain will start looking for updates and let you know if it has the latest version or if a newer version can be installed.


It can happen that you don’t have the box and the instruction manual anymore. Would you like to know BBrain clock you have? We’ve listed the visual differences below:

  • The BBrain Family G2 and D2 clocks don’t have any buttons on the back. The BBrain Basic clocks do have buttons you can press
  • The BBrain Family G2 and D2 clocks don’t have an USB port. The BBrain Basic clocks have a USB port on the right side.
  • The BBrain Family G2 and D2 clocks don’t have a raised edge. The BBrain Basic clocks have a raised edge in white or black around the screen.
  • The BBrain Family G2 and D2 cannot be hung on the wall because the clocks don’t have any wall mounts. The BBrain Basic clocks have three wall mounts on the back.

The BBrain Basic digital and analogue dementia clock has the following alarms:
• Getting up
• Afternoon nap
• Going to bed
• Birthday of the clock user
• Christmas day alarm
• New years’ eve alarm

The functions of the dementia clocks are more elaborate than the functions of the calendar clock

The BBrain Basic digital calendar clock has the following alarms:
• Getting up
• Afternoon nap
• Going to bed

In addition to these, you can also set an alarm for three different moments. The alarms can be set to go off once, daily, from Monday to Friday, or on Sunday. This is very useful, for example, when the user needs to take medication at fixed moments during the day, which can easily be forgotten.

With the BBrain Family G2 and D2 calendar clock you can involve, for example, your father or mother in you daily life, and you’ll be able to give that bit of extra help and attention when it’s necessary. With the video call option, you can have a moment of real contact when you’re not able to visit them. With the BBrain Family you have the possibility to make calls. In the video below we explain the possibility of video calling with the BBrain.

When you already have a BBrain, but don’t have a subscription that provides the possibility to video call, you can upgrade your subscription at any given time

The G2 is an interactive calendar clock that can be used by the user himself (in combination with help from family and caregivers via the app). With the G2 it is possible to send separate photos, agenda items and messages to the clock. The BBrain will read a message or notification out loud as soon as the clock receives them. A red bar with the message in it will appear. When the user wants to remove the red bar, they have to click on the notification. The messages etc. will remain on the clock. Messages can only be removed completely by the relatives. With agenda items, relatives can set the time for how long an appointment should be on the screen. The appointment can be displayed for a maximum of 10 hours. The G2 calendar clock has various versions, so it is possible to switch from the interactive version to the passive version. The passive version will also result in the clock having a longer duration of use.

The D2 is a passive clock and is exclusively managed by caregivers (the clock is intended for people with dementia. The D2 is therefore the dementia version). The D2 interface only shows activities. The administrator can add a photo to an activity to make the message more visual. The administrator also indicates how long the activity should be shown on the screen.

Video calling is possible with both the G2 and the D2.

It is possible to switch between the two versions. You can do this by going to the settings, where you can choose between the two versions. However, when you switch from the D2 to the G2 mode, activities will no longer be shown. In the G2 mode messages, photos and agenda items are displayed, while in the D2 mode only activities are displayed. When you switch back from the G2 to the D2 mode, agenda items and photos etc. also won’t be shown anymore. If you change between the versions once again, they will come back.

The possibility to video call is available for both the G2 and the D2 theme. In case of the D2 this is passive, which means that only the family and caregivers can set up the video call. The clock user cannot do this with the D2 version.

The BBrain Family clocks can go approximately 2 hours without power. When the clock’s battery is almost empty the screen will start to flicker, and the clock needs to be connected to a power outlet. Should it be the case that the clock turns off because the battery is empty then it will need time to start up again. In that case the clock needs to be connected to a power outlet and has to be turned on manually by pressing the on/off button on the side of the clock. It will start up again after this. All changes to the settings are kept if the clock has been turned off.

The BBrain Basic clocks cannot be used without being connected to a power outlet.

With the BBrain Family G2 clock a red bar appears on the screen at the moment that you receive a message. The user can touch the red bar and the message will be read out loud. By touching the red bar, the clock will automatically the message or photo in its menu. If you want to go back to the clock display you can touch the clock icon. When a relative schedules an agenda item, he can determine for himself how long the appointment will be displayed on the screen. This can be set for up to 10 hours.
With the D2 clock, the app can be used to set for how long the activities should remain on the screen. The user doesn’t have to do anything to make the activities disappear.

The maximum number of photos on the device can be set up in the settings under the option “photos”. This can be set for a maximum of 100 photos. This is only possible for the G2 clock.

Yes. However, this is only possible with the BBrain Family G2 when you have a subscription that includes video calling. The clock user can contact a relative by touching the camera icon (contacts). The clock user can then choose a relative to call.

BBrain App

The BBrain application can be found in both the Google Play store and the Appstore. In the Appstore the app can be found under the name “BBrain portal”, and in the Google Play store under the name “BBrain User portal”.

Click here to download the app from the Appstore for Apple devices or click here to download the app from the Google Play store for Android devices.

You can install the app on mobile phones and tablets/iPads.

If your app has an incorrect display it is best to restart it. You can go to the menu by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. In the menu you can then log out of your account. If you have the same problem with the app after logging in again, please check the other options under “support” or contact our customer service.

After installing the BBrain Portal app pop-up notifications will appear. You will have to allow all these pop-up notifications. By accepting the notifications, you allow the app to use your camera, microphone, and storage. Only after you’ve accepted the pop-up notifications you can use all functions the app has to offer.

It is no problem to link multiple relatives to the clock. However, every relative needs their own account. This can be done via the website or using the invitation sent by the clock administrator (admin). You don’t need multiple subscriptions for each relative either. The subscription starting from €6.95 only has to be taken out once. You can link an infinite number of people to the clock.

Only the administrator (admin) can add other relatives to the BBrain app.

Using the app, you can delete messages/photos/agenda items. Log in and go to the relevant menu (for example “messages”). When you have opened the menu, you can find “overview messages” next to “send messages”. Click on this and you will find all messages that have been sent to the clock. Using the red cross next to the messages you can delete them.

You can invite other people to become relatives with the app. Log in with your own account. After this, choose the option “relatives” and then click “add relatives”. In this menu you can send an invitation to the person you want to invite. Each relative needs to have their own email address. It is not possible for multiple people to log in with the same email address.

You can change the app password in your account settings. Open the app and go to settings. Here you can change the password that you use to log in on the app.

When this happens it usually has to do with entering the wrong password or email address. Check if you entered them correctly. If you want to reset your password, you can click “Forgot password”. After this you will receive an email with further instructions. With this you can reset your password.

Linked devices

Go to the settings menu on your clock and click “other settings”. Click on “Bluetooth settings” and turn on the Bluetooth (the button in the top right corner). Turn your speaker on. Make sure that both the speaker and the clock are continuously connected to a power outlet. As soon as the speaker is turned on, a small blue light will start to blink, and the speaker will appear in the Bluetooth overview on the clock. Select the Bluetooth speaker (BT-10) and connect it with the clock. When you go back to the clock display and click on one of the messages it will be read out loud via the speaker.

Soon there will be. At the moment we are working on a personal alarm device. If you want to receive updates about this, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Wi-Fi and network support

To be able to use the different functions on the clock, such as the sending of messages, photos, and agenda items, Wi-Fi is necessary. If the user doesn’t have Wi-Fi the messages won’t arrive. It is not possible to put the agenda items in the calendar on a location where there is Wi-Fi if the clock will eventually go to a location without Wi-Fi. The clock won’t be able to retrieve the agenda items because there is no Wi-Fi. The clock itself can be used without Wi-Fi, but it will only act as a clock in that case. However, should that be the case, the clock will still read out the time and date.

On the side of the clock there is an unlock button (sound button). If you press this and simultaneously tap the clock on the screen twice you will reach the menu. On the left side of the screen you can find the option “other settings”. In the other settings you can choose “open Wi-Fi settings”. Once you’ve clicked this you can reset your Wi-Fi settings. You can use another network and the clock will work.

Wi-Fi and network support

Is your current subscription not enough? Do you want the option to make video calls or do you want to upgrade the number of minutes for video calling? You can easily upgrade your subscription to one of the other subscriptions. Follow the following steps:

  • Go to the BBrain website and choose the “login” option in the menu in the top right corner. Do not choose the option “BBrain portal” but click the menu-item “log in”.
  • Enter your email address and password that you used for the subscription and click “log in”.
  • In the top right corner, you can choose “log in” once again. Then you can choose “my account”
  • Click on “my subscription”
  • Go to up or downgrade
  • Choose one of the subscriptions and click “buy now”
  • Both the old and the new subscription will be shown on the next page
  • Choose “save and continue”
  • Check if you have chosen the right subscription
  • The total amount will be shown
  • Choose “check out”
  • Your details are entered automatically
  • Accept de conditions and choose “complete order”
  • You have successfully completed your order. The subscription is activated on the same day

Should you have any questions or need help, please contact our customer service [email protected] or call 088 0080 130

Wanneer er een maandabonnement is afgesloten dan kunt u dit maandelijks opzeggen. Bij een jaarlijks abonnement is het mogelijk om dit na een jaar op te zeggen. Wanneer dit tussentijds wordt opgezegd is het helaas niet mogelijk om een restitutie van dit bedrag te ontvangen. U zit een jaar aan dit abonnement verbonden. Het abonnement kan schriftelijk worden opgezegd via de mail. Het betreffende emailadres is: [email protected]. De volgende gegevens hebben wij nodig om het abonnement af te zeggen: naam waarop het abonnement staat, naar van de klokgebruiker en de licentiecode van de klok.

We have a warranty period of two years. Should you find any defects you can contact our customer service. If it is still within the warranty period, we will provide a suitable solution.